The Pastor’s Thoughts — June 4, 2023, Holy Trinity Sunday

May 31, 2023 | By Bishop Roy E. Campbell, Jr.

“God sent his Son that the world might be saved through him.”

People who knew both of us tell me, “You look just like your father.” My brothers also resemble our father, and we resemble each other; that is why when people see us together, they know that we are brothers and members of one family.

Today, we give unending glory and praise to the Holy Trinity, to the triune God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We give praise to the relationship of the three Divine Persons of the Holy Trinity among themselves. We also celebrate our relationship with the Holy Trinity.

The mystery of the Holy Trinity is that God being one exists in three Persons. The divine essence, which is one and the same in the strictest sense, exists in three Persons, who are truly distinct from each other. Yet, each Person is identical with the same divine essence. The Father is unbegotten, the Son is begotten by the Father, and the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son. Each Person is truly distinct from the other, yet each is the true, eternal God; however, there is only one God.

The Holy Trinity is love and love, by its very nature, extends beyond itself. God did this in His creation, the universe and everything in it, especially His creation called man. His love is extended to us to so great an extent that we are created in His image and likeness. Yet, while we were still sinners, the Father proved His love for us when He sent His Son to become what He was not, man. Jesus humbled Himself by becoming man, like us, but remaining all that He is, God, without change. He died for our sins so that we could live in His eternal love. We, who are created in God’s image and likeness, resemble each other and the Father, because, through our Baptisms, in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, we are one family, the Body of Christ.

How much love does the Holy Trinity have for us that we can call God, Father, and share in His very life? How much love does the Holy Trinity give us so that we can love each other as God loves us? God loves us so much that, after restoring us to eternal life, Jesus remains with us through the Holy Spirit and in the Eucharist. By receiving the Eucharist, Jesus is in us, and we are in Him and that is what God wanted all along, that we share in His divine life for eternity.

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