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Tonya Taylor-Dorsey, mostly known for her work as a musical director and composer, also spent many years working in state government. Having recently retired as a Grants Manager with over 25 years of service, Tonya’s days are now completely devoted to her love of music and philanthropic activities.

Tonya oversees several choirs: The Philadelphia Catholic Gospel Mass Choir (Archdiocese of Philadelphia), St. Martin de Porres Adult Choir, the God’s Men Choir, and the Children’s Choir (St. Martin de Porres, Philadelphia). As the founder and executive director of Tonya Dorsey and New Vision A NJ Nonprofit Organization, Tonya lead the charge in providing scholarships to over 150 school-aged children who are studying the performing arts: 2008-2021.

Tonya presently serves as board member on the Women’s Sacred Music Project in Pennsylvania; and most recently was elected as an “Associate Member” of the Liturgical Composers Forum. And, she is an associate member of the National Black Sisters Conference (NBSC). She is dedicated to her church, St. Martin De Porres in Philadelphia.

1n 2017, Tonya was the first woman to serve as Musical Director of the Twelfth National Black Catholic Congress held in Orlando, Florida. In addition to overseeing all musical activities, she created and facilitated a music tract, a first-ever, for this event.

Tonya holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Texas at San Antonio. For more about the foundation and Tonya visit her websites: or

Listen to Tonya Taylor-Dorsey’s composition, “Lamb of God Lead Me:”

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