A Statement on the Buffalo Mass Shootings on Behalf of the Josephites

May 17, 2022 | The Josephites

From the Office of the Superior General of the Josephite Society of the Sacred Heart

Once again we find ourselves trapped in unnecessary and unwarranted mourning. Our collective prayers are lifted for consolation for families and friends of persons who were victims of senseless racist violence. This time in Buffalo NY. These poor victims were guilty of being African American and having the audacity to shop at a grocery store in the middle of the day. We continue to condemn violence, white supremacy, and hatred repeatedly and like other episodes, we are growing numb and weary with our seemingly daily grief. The Josephites stand with the families and all those who seek justice for them and for all of God’s children. The senseless hatred, systemic and personal racist behavior must stop. Violence on any level mocks God and His Divine goodness as the Creator of something and somebody good. Let us turn our collective prayers to collective action so that no child of God has to fear bigotry, oppression, death, or violence again.

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