April 28, 2022 |

The Presence of Black Catholics Today and Tomorrow

Online continuing education program focused on the concerns of Black Catholics starting in fall 2022.
In order to launch new programming focused on the concerns of African American Catholics in the fall of 2022, CRS held a national competitive application process to select a Fellow who is now developing two semester-long continuing education courses that will make up a single program focused on the concerns of African American Catholics in terms of the problem of racism and their experience of faith.

About the Fellow, Michael Howard
Mr. Howard received his M.A. in Church Ministry/Spirituality at St. Mary’s University Seminary, Ecumenical School of Theology, and holds a B.A. in Biblical Studies at Washington Bible College. Presently, Mr. Howard facilitates and teaches Online courses for the University of Dayton and McGrath Institute STEP Online program for Notre Dame. He loves the spiritual readings of Henri J. M. Nouwen and the mystic Howard Thurman. He is also the founder of Eat the Scroll Ministry, where he began his search and hunger to read and study God’s Word for faith formation with adults. Eat the Scroll. It is sweet as honey.

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