EASTER MESSAGE 2023 from Bishop John Ricard, Superior General of The Josephites

April 12, 2023 |

Jesus is with us!

Jesus is Risen. Alleluia. He rose, just as he said he would, and he paved the way for all of us to be happy for eternity.

In one of the Easter readings, two men are walking to Emmaus when they are joined by someone they don’t immediately recognize. They begin talking about recent events in Jerusalem, trying to make sense of all that has happened. Only after some time do they realize that it is Jesus walking with them.

This story is relevant for us today. How often do we think that we are walking through life alone? How often do we forget that Jesus is with us today and every day? Even when things are darkest and seem hopeless, Jesus is with us, guiding us and supporting us along the way.

Easter comes each spring when the sun pushes out the darkness a bit longer each day. Rebirth is all around us. Buds pop out from the trees. Dormant plants emerge from the ground.

As the COVID pandemic subsides, we too are emerging. We are coming out of our darkest hours of lock downs. Glory be to God, we are getting back to gatherings. We can meet again in our churches, at social events and in our neighborhoods with family and friends.

This Easter, I offer a special prayer of thanks for each of you who support Josephites in our parishes and schools and communities. Your prayers and encouragement make it possible to serve in the African American community.

I also express prayerful thanks to all of the Josephites who continue our mission of evangelization in the African American community. Your leadership, creativity and steadfastness during the pandemic adds another proud chapter to the Society of Saint Joseph of the SacredHeart. Glory be to God for all you have done.

So, on Easter and all throughout the Easter season, you all will be remembered in prayers of Thanksgiving for your goodness. Go forth, asthe angel said: Do not be afraid. Jesus is Risen and he is with us nowand forever.

I wish you a very Happy Easter.

Bishop John H. Ricard
Superior General

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