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   Black Catholic News [ September / October 2015 ]

To Whom Do Black Lives Matter?
Videos don’t lie

Father Claude Williams Photo
Father Claude Williams

In her July 29th article for The New Yorker, Margaret Talbot writes:

“In the age of dashboard video cameras and cell-phone-captured arrests, there is so much that we see and can’t ever unsee. Police in Staten Island putting Eric Garner in a choke hold, while he gasps, over and over, that he can’t breathe.* The Texas state trooper threatening to use his Taser on Sandra Bland (a driver he’d pulled over for the infraction of failing to signal when she changed lanes), shouting “I’m going to light you up!” Without the Garner video, there would have been eyewitnesses but no seemingly incontrovertible testimony. Without the camera on Officer Brian Encinia’s dashboard, most of us might never have heard what happened to Sandra Bland. The existence of such evidence helps in investigations and prosecutions; it’s supposed to be a deterrent to both bad behavior on the part of the cops and false allegations of police abuse. But it does not guarantee either better behavior or justice… [yet] it puts us [the viewers] in a strange, morally exigent position: we can’t say we didn’t see, we never knew; we have no plausible deniability. The videos keep coming out…The full dashboard video of Sandra Bland’s arrest is nearly fifty minutes long, and can be viewed on YouTube. It has the quality of nightmare.” Full Story

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 To Whom Do Black Lives Matter?
 The Vesting of the Priest: What does it mean?
 Who Says You Can’t Sing?
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 A Seminarian’s Testament to the IPF
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 Almost Everything You Know About Addiction is Wrong
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September 12, 2015
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 October is Respect Life Month
 National Tekakwitha Conference
 Pope Francis Visit to Philadelphia
 Xavier University Announces Appointment of Dr. Pamela Franco
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Black Catholic Newsletter Articles

Special Report >>

Msgr. Edward BranchA priest for 41 years, Msgr. Branch wants to turn his attention to the poor

Msgr. Edward Branch has stepped aside from his longtime ministry at the Atlanta University Center, the campus of four historically black colleges and universities, and is “refocusing” his ministry. A priest for more than 40 years, he wants his next chapter in life to be about the poor and the marginalized. He envisions serving with Catholic Relief Services and the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, where the approach is the empowerment of poor people. Full Story

Life Style >>

Fatherhood’s 12 SecretsFatherhood’s 12 Secrets Fatherhood is an awesome responsibility. And, it’s a tough job. But you don’t have to be perfect to be able to feel proud of the job you do. Just take time with your kids, show them your affection, and think about these 12 simple ways to do a good job.

A Seminarian’s Testament to the IPFA Seminarian’s Testament to the IPF - Robert Boxie, seminarian, gives a beautiful testimony to the benefit of attending the Institute for Priestly Formation (IPF). In this video, Boxie describes how his experience in IPF helped him deepen his relationship with God by learning a different way to pray and “examining the interior movements of his heart where God is speaking to him.”

Day Trips and MoreDay Trips and More - Phyllis Johnson compiled a list of fun and informative day trips and road trips. These trips highlight the history of African Americans in the United States, and Johnson provides links to the different venues for you to access more information prior to your trip.

Youth & Young Adults >>

World Youth Day 2016
World Youth Day 2016
- The next World Youth Day will be in Krakow, Poland from July 25 - August 1, 2016. Youth and young adults, ages 16 to 35, will attend this exciting and faith-energizing event. Chosen by Pope Francis as a topic of great importance, the theme for this convocation is “Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy.”

NBCC Spotlight >>

The Five Keys to Success: Honesty, Integrity, Productivity, Assiduity, and DeterminationThe Five Keys to Success: Honesty, Integrity, Productivity, Assiduity, and Determination - On August 5, 2015, Dr. Rodrigue Mortel graciously granted an interview with the National Black Catholic Congress (NBCC) for an article to appear on the NBCC website. This article highlights his highly motivated work ethic; not only to improve his own life, but to give back to his home country by improving the life of Haitians through his organization, The Mortel Family Charitable Foundation.

Vertelle A. Kenion, Supreme LadyThe Knights Of Peter Claver Ladies Auxiliary - The Knights of Peter Claver Ladies Auxiliary (KPCLA) is the Auxiliary to the Knights of Peter Claver, Inc. The Auxiliary was authorized in 1922 and established in August 1926. Currently, KPCLA is comprised of 307 courts in 33 states, District of Columbia and South America with a membership of approximately 10,000 ladies.

NBCC News >>

October is Respect Life Month - The first Sunday in October is Respect Life Sunday, and it is also the start of the annual Respect Life Program. Catholics are urged to renew their personal commitment to defend ALL human life. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops provides materials to organizations to promote events during Respect for Life Month

Pope Francis Visit to Philadelphia- “I believe in the kindness of others, and that I must love them without fear.” This phrase, spoken by Pope Francis sets the tone for his visit on September 26-27, 2015 to Philadelphia.

New Josephite Calendar - The 2016 Josephite African-American History and Heritage Calendar features monthly scriptures, feast days and Holy days, Africa-American history, and new artwork. Personalization for calendars is available for purchases of 100 or more.

National Tekakwitha Conference

Xavier University Announces Appointment of Dr. Pamela Franco

Light in the Darkness: The Teachings of Father James Keller, M.M., and The Christophers

Dekarlos Blackmon to Lead International Catholic Knights

Aren’t We Worth More Than The Sum of Our Parts?

90 Minutes in Heaven

Foundation Provides 300 Scholarships to Black Catholics

The most and least racially diverse U.S. religious groups

Summer months bring plenty of festivals, fun to Northwest Philadelphia

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Spirituality >>

The Vesting of the Priest: What does it mean?
The Vesting of the Priest: What does it mean?
- When you see a priest on the altar, he is dressed in liturgical vestments of flowing robes and beautifully patterned or solid-colored stoles. But why do priests wear robes? What is the significance of all of the layers they must wear?

Who Says You Can’t Sing?Who Says You Can’t Sing? Thinking about joining the church choir? You love God? You love singing? What are you waiting for? In this age of waning choir rolls, what can be done to encourage, cultivate and fill those empty seats? Should the church choir be an “audition” choir? Or should the prerequisite simply be a combined love of the Lord and singing?

First Profession celebration for Josephites
First Profession celebration for Josephites

At the St. Joseph Manor Chapel in Baltimore on Aug. 9, Dalmas Otieno Abuto, Fred Kaddu and Johnson Emeka Oodo celebrated their First Profession as a Josephite.

Health & Wellness >>

Almost Everything You Know About Addiction is WrongAlmost Everything You Know About Addiction is Wrong - Johann Hari presents information about what causes addiction and how it can be overcome. He has seen our current methods fail firsthand, as he has watched loved ones struggle to manage their addictions.

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act - For the millions of Americans living with a disability, the ADA provides protection from discrimination and guarantees equal opportunities in order to promote accommodations that can help people live full, productive lives. As someone in long-term recovery from a substance use disorder, I strongly share this ideal.

Book of the Month >>

What You Take to Heaven by Michael H. BrownWhat You Take to Heaven  - Author of The Other Side, Brown delves deeply into the concept of the “life review”; how our lives are evaluated upon passing by the Lord and His angels, the way in which our time on earth is evaluated (judged), and the importance of fulfilling and discerning our individual missions.

Author of the Month >>

Dr. Greg and Lisa PopcakDr. Greg and Lisa Popcak - The author of over a dozen popular books integrating solid Catholic theology and counseling psychology (including; For Better…FOREVER!, Holy Sex!, Parenting with Grace, Beyond the Birds and the Bees), Dr. Popcak is an expert on the practical applications of the Theology of the Body.

Upcoming Events>>

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