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Prayer For Healing Your Family and You

Fr. Yozefu - Balikuddembe Ssemakula (Fr. Joseph)Your family is beset with problems. That is to say, it is a normal family. And since you are a believer in God you have most certainly prayed to God about many of these problems. And maybe you have had the joy of 'answered prayer' for some, some respite for others, but there are those problems that don't seem to go anywhere! They just turn in circles around you and keep on being re-presented for your consumption! Your image of God is seriously shaken because you don't understand why He doesn't seem to hear you on these particular issues. Your voice feels like a cry in the desert. If yours is this kind of situation this is the prayer for you!

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From our families we have inherited blessings. Ps 103: 17-18 says: "But the Lord's kindness is forever, toward the faithful from age to age. He favors the children's children of those who keep his covenant, who take care to fulfill its precepts." For these family blessings therefore we must always thank the Lord!

However in the same vein, we have also inherited 'non-blessings'! Jesus once talking to the Jews will say: Mt.23:34-36; (Lk.11:49-51): "Therefore, behold, I send to you prophets and wise men and scribes; some of them you will kill and crucify, some of them you will scourge in your synagogues and pursue from town to town, so that there may come upon you all the righteous blood shed upon earth, from the righteous blood of Abel to the blood of Zechariah, the son of Barachiah, whom you murdered between the sanctuary and the altar. Amen, I say to you, all these things will come upon this generation". The reason Jesus says these things is not because He is in a rage and He wants to punish these Pharisees, no! He is spelling out the trouble that will come to them, not from Him or His Father, but simply from the nature of how things work! Notice too, that the prophet Zechariah that Jesus refers to had been murdered five centuries before Jesus, so surely not by these Jews in front of Jesus right now, but He says " …whom YOU murdered …". For the Lord there is clearly no difference between those Jews back then and these Jews, because these are the descendant of those. These are those, and those are these. And just like in the first quote above we do understand that we can inherit blessings, from this second one we understand that we can inherit non-blessings. It is all just inheritance we didn't do anything to get either.

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So we realize that there is a system somewhere here. A system that we did not make but we found already made. By whom? By the Father. Why did God make the inheritance system? When God first created us, sin was not part of the plan. So He designed us in such a way that all the good things that He had naturally endowed our first parents with would naturally pass on to their children, and for all time until the end of the world, just by the mere fact of having been born by them. A natural automatic transmission.

However satan came in, and by introducing sin into this already made transmission system for the good of our life, sin and its effects began to be part of what is transmitted by the same system! And this is how we got to where we are today, inheriting blessings on one hand, and non-blessings on the other. What was originally designed as a gift to us became a channel of unwanted problems down generational lines.

But God did not change the system even after satan had infiltrated it, He left it as He had made it because it was still the best He had in place to bless us with. But He had to bring an update to it: 1/ to give us knowledge of what had begun going on since satan came in; and 2/ by giving us a Savior. This way the system would still be used to bless a lot of people, once they are schooled into using it as originally intended, (the knowledge), and at the same time applying to it the redemptive power of Jesus His Son the Savior (His death and resurrection). Problem is, that you didn't quite know about these particular things even if you knew about the Savior.

The problem of humans not having enough knowledge of the things of God has always been around. Humans always lived a life where so much else seemed to be going on that they couldn't easily distinguish what was important from what was not, and so ended up missing out occasionally on very important things. This is not a problem only of our technological times. It was already so rampant in Old Testament times that God Himself laments in Hosea 4:6: "My people perish for lack of knowledge!" And we wonder how much was really going on in those deserts of poverty without computers way back then? Well, humans have always been busy! We then understand that lack of knowledge of the things of God, which knowledge is often seen as 'leisure knowledge' by many people in our world, meaning by that, knowledge you can live without, can actually be knowledge as critical as your perishing or your survival. Today is your opportunity to have that knowledge!

And so when it comes to our families, what exactly are we talking about? When it comes down to our particular families, we are talking about those negative things which you have persistently seen present in your family history from generation to generation, sometimes skipping a generation, but simply not going away! Eminent examples are in the domain of health, where the doctor asks you whether a certain disease is known to have occurred in your immediate or extended family, normally known to raise your own risk of having it as well. We are so much used to hearing this that we don't think any further. But why should we have been created with disease? Does God make us with disease? No way! Whatever God made was good and very good! - Genesis tells us. And so, disease? Two things are very clear at this point: 1/ hereditary disease is not from God, and 2/ something went wrong. Those two points can be summarized in one word: satan.

satan is the author and then co-owner (with us) of all negativity wherever it is found on the face of the earth, big or small, directly or indirectly. I hope that you the reader are clear about that. There is no neutral negativity. If it is negative then its instigator can only be one: satan. In our world of today we give him all sorts of euphemisms, from bookish names coined by human sciences research experts, but we must know exactly whom we are talking about. A human ailment having a specialized name tag to it doesn't mean then it cannot be satan's work. And if he is not directly the cause he is indirectly the cause because all evil, sin, and death came from him. The only reason you would exculpate him is when that thing is not negative, then he has got nothing to do with it. The Lord calls him "the father of lies" (Jn 8:44), and again him being the thief the Lord also tells us that he knows how to do only three things: "to steal, kill, and destroy "(Jn10:10). This means that wherever you find even the slightest inkling of any of those three things be very clear as to who is around.

This is not to scare us. It is for us to know exactly what is going on, and about who it is, such that we can know exactly when and how to apply that power of the Savior which is given to us for that very purpose, to fight our enemy. Not knowing this is what leads God's people even into perishing (Hos 4:6), for if we hardly ever recognize satan, then we cannot fight him. He wins cool battles, without any sweat!

And so when we look into our families and see all these things that steal our strength, our energy and power, our personalities, our talent, our resources; that kill our optimism, our smiles on life, even our very people, or when we see all sorts of destruction happening in our families, we shouldn't have the slightest doubt about whom we are dealing with, or rather the one who is dealing with us? Constant disease, sky-high patience required in your family relationships, addictions, personality problems, divorces, homosexuality, suicide, accidents, your children that never seem to make it anywhere, apparent misfortunes, doors constantly shutting on you and on your family, etc, and especially, when you see patterns of these things happening over and over again in your family, there you have it. These things have a personal cause, in the sense of a person, the evil one. And these things, strangely enough, may just be going on unabated even if you always have prayed about them to God. What is happening? How does satan get all this much power to wreak havoc in my life as if God were not there, and as if I were not praying at all?! Is God Almighty really? And does that Almighty love me really? Then hey, where is He? Napping?

Know this today, that if satan can wreak all this havoc it is because he has been given the power. By whom: By God? No! By me! satan has used my freedom, the only place where God doesn't put His feet, to convince me to hand it over to him, and I did! And while God keeps back for respect because we didn't call Him, satan can be right into the door of my life and my family's life, and he can look back at God and tell Him: Look, your uninvited majesty, they called me not you! And you know what? God has absolutely nothing to answer to that! He cries, He moans, because He knows only too well what will come out of that contract with satan, and not in the afterlife, right in this life to begin with! But He can only wait and hope that you will change your mind, it's all it takes. But are we aware?

But then you say: No, not me! I never invited in satan at all, I hate him with all the hate I can muster, and besides, I have always been Catholic, I like my faith, I have even been ridiculed for it, I take it, no problem, and I do all the Catholic things I have been taught to do since grade school! So, me, inviting satan?! And the answer is, "Yes, maybe not you, but rather one from whom you inherited!" Remember, the system, designed for your good? And you say: "No, my parents were/are good folks too!" And the answer is, "Yes, maybe not them, but the ones from whom they inherited….!" See the point? And it can go as far back as it can go. Not all families experience these things with the same intensity, but there is always something of it in any family that is always noteworthy if their eyes are open enough and they are aware like you will be after reading this.

The moment we have established the fact of that God-made system meant to bless us, but which ends up carrying non-blessings to us as well, we can't any more say things like: "Oh, I don't care, that was the problem of my grandparents, or my parents (or anybody that I am related to), it is not my problem!" You know what Ostrich tricks are - burying their head in the sand in order not to see the problem, and therefore imagine that there is no problem? That is one of them! What your family have comes from somewhere before them, and you are part of that as well, you are them they are you.

And so satan came in with his destructive power because he was invited through agreements on ungodly things, his type of things, that were made with him to bring him in. And there can only be one solution: cancel the agreements! And you say: "Hoh, I didn't make any agreements with satan, I don't know what agreements were made and by whom of my family, so how can I cancel them?" We may never know exactly what the agreements were, but we know and see their consequences. And the system will not end with you. Just like you inherited blessings and/or non-blessings, you are also going to pass on those blessings and/or non-blessings to your descendants. When those agreements were made, your ancestors didn't ask you, - you were not even there yet; you are not going to ask your far future descendants, - they are not even there yet. Our ancestors, or descendants, not being in sight did not, and does not, affect the inheritance. The inheritance is a spiritual thing not bound by time or space. It just goes on.

And so at any given moment, the ones holding the flame of the family are those who are there. And their choices for satan or for God will be the ones inherited after them. And because you are the ones there today of your family, you are vested with all the power of those who went before you in your family - simple inheritance. And so with that power you can cancel the agreements with satan of the past in your family, and strike new good ones with God for the future. It is just like how the President of the United States can undo what former Presidents did - he is the one there today. There is no better way to clean up the legacy of your family - just by praying right! Can you imagine how good and gracious God is? All that God needs is someone from your family who will rightfully take up that freedom that He gave us, because He can't touch it Himself, that is our sovereignty, and turn it around in His favor, and then He is ignited for us! At that moment satan has no more rights that he can use to block God. And all this can happen because Jesus Christ came to free us from captivity (Lk4:). You cancel those agreements with the evil one, and you take on the saving and cleansing power of Jesus. And while you clear up both the past and the future you obtain healing for the present, because you have taken back your freedom and power from the enemy, freely and consciously renounced him, and turned it (your freedom) toward God. And now with the blockage, satan, discarded, you will then see the floodgates of God's Heavenly powers open to flood your life and that of your family!

Must everybody of the family be around to pray this, or at least agree? No. Were you all around when those, or sometimes just one person, back there made those bad choices for which all of you paid later? The more members of your family you can have to pray this prayer the better of course, but it is not a condition. It is amazing how God can take even the least we can offer to do great things for us. He needs only one person to do it right and you will see what comes out! He needs only one excuse to bless a whole family!

For lack of space I cannot go into the incredible healings of entire families that I have witnessed these past three years since I began doing these family healing seminars. I hope one day a book will come out in order to be thorough about this type of prayer, but I believe that even without waiting for that you will be able to write your own book of the healings of your own family that you will personally witness while applying this prayer. Below is a very short summary of that prayer but which is already very effective. Don't rush through it; go step by step with full understanding and awareness. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you.

'The Quick One'

(To be used as a follow up prayer to the prayers of the
Healing Of Families Seminar,
or as an 'Emergency Family Healing Prayer' for one who hasn't been able to attend the seminar yet).

To begin with, make sure you have no unforgiveness in your heart towards anyone! Forgiveness is obligatory condition for any of our prayers to receive an answer from the Lord that reaches us! (Mk 11:25) This is so, not because the Lord is mean, and finally wants to get you to forgive by force if you didn't want to before, but because unforgiveness belongs to satan. (Eph.4:26-27). One who dwells in it has extended a two-arm invitation to satan who comes and takes up his place at the gate of our heart, as it were. From then on nothing of God's grace is allowed to bypass him to go in - put it that way! God always answers our prayers, if they are good prayers; the answer just never gets to us because satan blocks it right at the door as it comes in! And he is there by right because he has been invited! Not even God can order him to go away without interfering with the freedom He gave you. You, who brought him by not forgiving, are the only one who can order him to go, by forgiving! When you let go of unforgiveness you throw away that thing which belongs to satan and to which he is clinging in your life. And he is thrown away with it!

Next to that, make sure you have no agreements of any sort with ungodly people. When satan cannot access your heart directly, he often tries to do it through those to whom you have opened it: your friends - simple logic, isn't it? He accesses you by proxy! Many people do not know this. St. Paul says: "Bad company corrupts good morals", 1 Cor 15:30. (Also see 1 Cor 5:9-11; Eph 5:6-14). This corruption before being anything physical, that is visible, is first of all a spiritual reality that allows satan to set up shop in our heart just the same way as above! We may not always know what ungodly things people we frequent think or do! It is not always visible. But if it is visible, then we must have nothing to do with it, and that must be clear. But when it is not visible, at least we can be sure on our part of this: that we are not in agreement with them in anything that is not of God. Because if we are, and even if we are not doing it ourselves, we get the effects of their doing it, because our heart is close to theirs by association. And with this satan blocks out graces again.

If you have discovered these associations to be present, repent of them now before the Lord, and then cut yourself free of them with this or a similar simple prayer:" In the name of Jesus Christ, I cut my heart and my spirit free from my association with so and so. And I put the Cross of Jesus Christ between me and him/her/them, to block any negative influence that there may be on me from them, and to enhance only the good between us if any. And I resolve not to let this association continue! Amen!"

Having dealt with two usual but major blockages to our prayer, we are now ready to proceed into the main prayer for you and your family.

First: Repent before the Lord for all the contracts made with satan by your family members, both knowingly and unknowingly, looking for health and wealth, or outright evil upon others, since time immemorial, in your family's generations. And in your repenting you will not say: "Lord forgive them..", but rather: "Lord, forgive US!", because you are them, they are you, you are all attached together by blood, and in God's eternal plan! If you are able to mention some of these contracts because you know them or have seen them happen in your family, do specifically mention them. But also tell the Lord you are repenting even for those contracts that you don't know of but which of course the Lord knows, and are right in front of Him still because no one ever repented for them. At the end of that exercise use the prayer of the prophet Daniel, which is most of Chapter 9, while modifying his words to suit your particular family situation, fixing in those contracts with satan that you may already know of from your family situation even without research. (The complete prayer process will require a more thorough awareness about your extended family spiritual situation / history on this point). The prophet Daniel did this same exact kind of prayer, he was personally conscious of no personal sin, in fact he had grown up since a boy in the presence of the Lord. But in that prayer he says to God, "We have sinned". And, by the way, remark that even if Daniel was not conscious of any personal sin before the Lord, he too was in exile like all the others who had sinned! So, one does indeed pay a price even for sin one did not personally commit, but which people to whom we are attached by nature (our family - nation?) have committed, like Daniel.

Second. After that first part, you now have the power, you have actually only reclaimed that power which you always had but may be never knew about, to dismiss satan from holding your family captive. Satan had usurped that power since the time of the contracts and agreements made with him, and was using it to block, jeopardize, and even harm your life. Repenting for those contracts before the Lord you have just taken back what always belonged to you, your Christ-given power to cast satan out of your life. And you are going to use these or similar words: "In the Name of Jesus, I, and on behalf of all my family, renounce you satan! In Jesus' name I command you to leave all the strongholds you have had over my family, and I command you to go to the foot of the Cross of Jesus the Lord, and the feet of the Most Blessed Mary ever Virgin, for Him to do with you as He wills!"

You can picture the Blessed Mother standing at the foot of the Cross of Jesus, where the double location to which you send satan becomes actually the same place. Wherever and whenever satan is cast out, remember it is by the intercession of the Blessed Mother, the only creature ever to be beyond the grip of satan, (Revelation 12). You can freely use here too the text of the Gospel of Lk 4; where Jesus, quoting Isaiah 61, spells out for the first time what He came to do. This He is doing right at this moment in this prayer for your family, for you are allowing Him in a very unique way to do it! Before, all along, you thought you were allowing Him to do it, without knowing that you were not! You hadn't taken up your God-given power in Christ to effectively dismiss satan from anchorages in your family. And therefore Jesus' complete power was in captivity, ineffective for you.

Third. Remember when the Lord speaks about satan being cast out, goes, roams and comes right back but stronger, such that the situation after is worse than before, Mt 12? Well, in order to avoid that situation you will have now to call upon the Holy Spirit, the Consoler and Protector, to fill up that place vacated by satan. In this way, satan is not tempted to return seeing it empty behind him. So then call upon the Holy Spirit to come and do just that, from a simple prayer like "Come Holy Spirit", a few times, to "Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of thy faithful …", to the Litany of the Holy Spirit, or to any other Holy Spirit prayer or hymn you like. He responds to all kinds of calls to come, especially now that He has no hindrances residing in your situation. You say, ".. but I always called Him …", yes you did, and He would come, but not to certain areas in your and in your family's life because those areas had a tenant, (who was paying you rent in form of pain - his currency!), and which tenant you didn't even know you had! Concealing his presence obviously is his best bet in order to remain there longest. However his effects are not concealable - to steal, kill, and destroy (Jn 10:10) are his objectives, and the signs of his presence. Feel/Sound familiar from your experience?

You can say this tripartite prayer even a few times a day, it doesn't have to be long each time. You can even say it as you walk along the road, even without Daniel chapter 9, but with the same pattern of prayer. But say it with a lot of intent, be intense, and mean each word you say.

One once asked if he could say it kneeling down… Now, remember, mean each and every word you say. Kneeling down asking for God's mercy is very appropriate, but I don't think you should do that when it comes to that point of renouncing satan, dismissing him and casting him away from your family! You are in full power and force at that point. So, stand, because you have the power of the Name on your side. The owner of the Name, Jesus, since His death and resurrection, wants you to use it by commanding satan to quit. That is why He gave it to you to use (Mk 16:17). If instead you are waiting for Him to do it He will not because He has already fully empowered you by virtue of your Baptism and your freedom to dismiss satan from your life. You are not negotiating anything with satan, and you are not asking him or begging him to go, you are commanding him, in Jesus' Name. This is why, for example, we are able to adopt the tone of those protection prayers below, and any other similar personal prayers you may come up with using the same authority.

And related to that, you may say all the other parts of the prayer mentally, but when it comes to commanding satan to leave, pronounce those words with your lips, you don't have to say aloud if you don't want to, (but do from time to time when you are sure you are alone so no one calls you crazy!). At least form out those words with your mouth even if in a whisper, oh yes, satan hears you very clearly even in a whisper, but satan doesn't read your mind, contrary to what many people think, and you don't want him to have any excuse that he didn't hear you say that, even if he may guess very well what is going on. Only God, and those of His heavenly court to whom God gives the power, read our minds, He never gave that power to satan. But satan being so intelligent his guesses and figuring outs are so acute that to us humans it looks like he knows what is going on in our minds, but he really doesn't, he only guesses it from how we react to things externally, and from having watched us over a long period of time, and most of the time he's accurate… Not being able to read our minds, however, doesn't prevent him from throwing things in there, though he only knows our response from watching what we do as we react, not from directly reading how our thoughts respond to his suggestions.., a fine line…

This prayer is so powerful against satan, really knocks him down, that he tries to get at you to revenge in any way he can. This is called retaliation. And in order to prevent also that you just don't go into that prayer like that! You say some protection prayers, a prayer before and another one after. Then you are sealed by the power of God and of His angels that He put there for that very purpose. Some people have never called upon the protection of the angels even once in their lives! Angels are all around us by the millions waiting to be called upon by us for our protection, but we walk through life completely ignoring them! What a waste! And you think they will come in by force because you are in danger…? Well, where is our free will that God treasures so much? Wasn't God watching when our families struck those deals with satan, which were clearly going to harm us in the long run? Why didn't He prevent them? Our free will is that biggest weapon God created against Himself but for His great love for us, and for our greatest good! And all depends on our choice. Did you know that some people have preferred to call upon satan to help them in danger? So, until you call God 'doesn't know' whom you want to call! So, don't reason, just call the angels for protection, and you will see what happens!

Because I had to explain the use of protection prayers first as I have done above, I did not put them in their respective places. But from next time onward, when you use this prayer, begin it with the Beginning Protection Prayer, and end it with the Ending Protection Prayer, just before the St Michael the Archangel prayer, which will be the very last one. Below are the three prayers. You can use the famous powerful prayer for St. Michael the Archangel's intervention of Pope Leo XIII, as often as you like. But in your situation I would not pass a day without saying it at least once; it is long, but that's how powerful it is,' long power'!


In the name of Jesus Christ, I take authority and I bind all powers and forces in the air, in the ground, in the water, in the underground, in the netherworld, in nature and in fire.

You are Lord over the entire universe and I give you glory and praise for your creation. In your Name, Jesus Christ. I bind all demonic forces that have come against us and our families and I seal all of us in the protection of your Precious Blood that was shed for us on the Cross.

Mary, our Mother, we seek your protection and intercession with the Sacred Heart of Jesus for us and our families. Surround us with your mantle of love to discourage the enemy.

St. Michael and our guardian Angels, come defend us and our families in battle against all the evil ones that roam the earth. In the name of Jesus Christ and through His Precious Blood, I bind and command all the powers and forces of evil to depart right now away from us, our homes and our lands. We thank you, Lord Jesus, for You are a faithful and compassionate God. Amen.

In the name of Jesus Christ, and by the power of his Cross and his Blood, we bind up the power of any evil spirits and command them not to block our prayers. We bind up the powers of earth, air, water, fire, the netherworld and the satanic forces of nature.

We break any curses, hexes or spells sent against us and declare them null and void. We break the assignments of any spirits sent against us and send them to Jesus to deal with them as He wills. Lord we ask you to bless our enemies by sending your Holy Spirit to lead them to repentance and conversion.

Furthermore, we, bind all interaction and communication in the world of evil spirits as it affects us and our prayer. We ask for the protection of the shed blood of Jesus Christ over...... Thank you, Lord, for your protection and send your angels, especially St. Michael, the Archangel, to help us in the battle. We ask you to guide us in our prayers; share with us your Spirit's power and compassion. Amen. Hail Mary...


Lord Jesus, thank you for your wonderful ministry of healing and deliverance. Thank you for the healings you have effected and will effect as a result of my prayer today.

We realize that the sickness and evil we encounter is more than our humanity can bear. So cleanse us of any sadness, negativity or despair that we may have picked up.

If I have had temptations of anger, impatience or lust, cleanse me of those temptations and replace them with love, joy and peace. If any evil spirits have attached themselves to us or oppressed us in any way, we command you, spirits of earth, air, fire or water, of the netherworld or of nature, to depart-now--and go straight to Jesus Christ for him to deal with you as he will.

Come Holy Spirit, renew us, fill us anew with your power, your life and your joy. Strengthen us where we have felt weak and clothe us with your light. Fill us with life. Mary, the Most Blessed Mother of Jesus, and St. Michael the Archangel, we thank you for your intercession for us.

And Lord Jesus, please send your holy angels to minister to us and our families-guard us and protect us from all sickness, harm and accidents. Let us always travel safely.

We praise you now and forever, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and we ask these things in Jesus' Holy Name that he may be glorified. Amen.

(Protection prayers inspired by prayers from Dr. Francis Macnutt,( CHM), and Fr. Carl Schmidt, C.Ss.R.)


The very powerful prayer for St. Michael the Archangel's Intervention Against satan.
(by Pope Leo XIII, 1890).

(The '+' represents the sign of the cross; at that point the priest blesses even if he is saying it alone, or if a lay faithful is saying this prayer at that point he/she makes the sign of the cross).

A priest does not say this prayer in public i.e in church, without the express permission of the bishop, as it is one of the prayers from the ritual for exorcism, which always requires the bishop's permission before being carried out. However, the priest can say this prayer alone, or in private using it to pray over individual faithful in need, or individual families, - all considered private situations.

The lay faithful, on the other hand, can only say it for themselves in private, or pray for
other people still in private, without them being present, or if he/she is a parent, can say it over, or with, their own family only. But they cannot go to another person or family and say this prayer over them since they have no spiritual authority over them as they have in their own family. Nothing prevents however, saying it together with other people or families. Keeping the rules of the Church in matters such as these ensures that the authority, the power, and the constant prayer of the Church back us as we resist the enemy. The lay faithful omit the parenthesis with the *).

+ In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Prayer for St. Michael the Archangel's Intervention

St. Michael the Archangel, illustrious leader of the heavenly army, defend us in the battle against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the world of darkness and the spirit of wickedness in high places. Come to the rescue of humankind, whom God has made in His own image and likeness, and purchased from satan's tyranny at so great a price. Holy Church venerates you as Her patron and guardian. The Lord has entrusted to you the task of leading the souls of the redeemed to heavenly blessedness. Entreat the Lord of peace to cast satan down under our feet, so as to keep him from further holding humanity captive and doing harm to the Church. Carry our prayers up to God's throne, that the mercy of the Lord may quickly come and lay hold of the beast, the serpent of old, satan and his demons, casting him in chains into the abyss, so that he can no longer seduce the nations.

P/L: In the Name of Jesus Christ, Our Lord and God, by the intercession of Mary, spotless Virgin and Mother of God, of St. Michael the Archangel, of the blessed apostles Peter and Paul, and of all the saints, (and by the authority residing in our holy ministry)*, we steadfastly proceed to combat the onslaught of the wily enemy.

Psalm 67(8)

P/L: God arises; His enemies are scattered, and those who hate Him flee
before Him.
All: As smoke is driven away, so are they driven; as wax melts before the fire, so the wicked perish before God.
P/L: See the Cross of the Lord; be gone, you hostile powers.
All: The stem of David, the lion of Judah's tribe has conquered.
P/L: May your mercy, Lord, remain with us always.
All: For we put our whole trust in you.

We cast you out, every unclean spirit, every satanic power, every onslaught of the infernal adversary, every legion, every diabolical group and sect, in the Name and by the power of Our Lord Jesus + Christ. We command you, be gone and fly far from the Church of God, from the souls made by God in His image and redeemed by the Precious Blood of the Divine Lamb. + No longer dare, cunning serpent, to deceive the human race, to persecute God's Church, to strike God's elect and to sift them as wheat. + For the Most High God commands you, + He to whom you once proudly presumed yourself equal; He Who wills all men to be saved and come to the knowledge of the Truth. God the Father + commands you. God the Son + commands you. God the Holy + Spirit commands you. Christ, the Eternal Word of God made flesh, + commands you, who humbled Himself, becoming obedient even unto death, to save our race from the perdition wrought by your envy; who founded His Church upon a firm rock, declaring that the gates of hell should never prevail against Her, and that He would remain with Her all days, even to the end of the world. The sacred mystery of the Cross + commands you, along with the power of all mysteries of Christian faith. + The exalted Virgin Mary, Mother of God, + commands you, Who in Her lowliness crushed your proud head from the first moment of Her Immaculate Conception. The faith of the holy Apostles Peter and Paul and the other Apostles + commands you. The blood of martyrs and the devout prayers of all + holy men and women command you.

Therefore, accursed dragon and every diabolical legion, we adjure you by the Living + God, by the True + God, by the Holy + God, by God, who so loved the world that He gave His only-begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him might not perish but have everlasting life; to cease deluding human creatures and filling them with the poison of everlasting damnation; to desist from harming the Church and hampering Her freedom. Be gone, satan, father and master of lies, enemy of our welfare. Give place to Christ, in Whom you found none of your works. Give way to the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, which Christ Himself purchased with His blood. Bow down before God's Mighty Hand, tremble and flee as we call on the Holy and Awesome Name of Jesus, before Whom the denizens of hell cower, to Whom the Heavenly Virtues and Powers and Dominations are subject, Whom the Cherubim and Seraphim praise with unending cries as they sing: Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of Sabaoth.

P/L: Lord, heed my prayer.
All: And let my cry be heard by You.
*(P: The Lord be with you).
(All: And also with you).

Let us pray.
God of Heaven and Earth, God of the Angels and Archangels, God of the Patriarchs and Prophets, God of the Apostles and Martyrs, God of the Confessors and Virgins, God who have power to bestow life after death and rest after toil; for there is no other God than You, nor can there be another true God beside You, the Creator of all things visible and invisible, Whose Kingdom is without end; we humbly entreat Your Glorious Majesty to deliver us by Your might from every influence of the accursed spirits, from their every evil snare and deception, and to keep us from all harm; through Christ Our Lord.

All: Amen.
P/L: From the snares of the devil.
All: Lord, deliver us.
P/L: That You help your Church to serve You in security and freedom.
All: We beg You to hear us.
P/L: That You humble the enemies of Holy Church.
All: We beg You to hear us.

(The surroundings may be sprinkled with holy water).

St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in the battle; be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and You, O Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the Power of God, cast into hell satan and all the other evil spirits, who prowl throughout the world, seeking the ruin of souls, Amen.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus ….Have mercy on us! (x3).

Fr.Joseph-B Ssemakula, Tallahassee, Fl.

BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE: Fr. Yozefu-Balikuddembe Ssemakula (Fr.Joseph) was born in 1964, and ordained to the Catholic Priesthood in 1993 in Kampala, Uganda. After a few years of service in his home country, he was part of a grand First Evangelization effort in Darfur, Sudan, for 10 years. He is currently serving in the diocese of Pensacola -Tallahassee, Florida, and a graduate student of Clinical Psychology at Notre Dame University, Indiana, USA.

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