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Featured Article: Let the Children Come to Me: How We Saved Our Catholic School - It was September 2007. I was three years into my pastorate at the historic St. Augustine Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Washington. Our school had just received its notice of termination: with 175 students, it would close in June 2008 along with seven other parish schools serving predominantly African American students. Flash forward nine years. We did not close but are still here today alive and well! Read Full Story

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 Let the Children Come to Me: How We Saved Our Catholic School
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 Congress XII Update: The National Black Catholic Congress
 Domestic Violence Workshop held at St. Joseph Catholic Church, Alexandria, Virginia
 New Data Shows Female-Headed Households See Higher Levels of Poverty, Hunger
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 After vision of Christ, Nigerian bishop says rosary will bring down Boko Haram
 Christians in Nigeria are essentially ‘target practice’ here’s one bishop’s response
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Black Catholic Young Adults

The Future is Bright in the Knights of Peter Claver!

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What We've Seen and Heard...Black Lives Matter
The past three weeks have awakened a sleeping giant in Baltimore. For some, the incidents brought back horrible memories of a time long past.. Click for full story
We celebrate Most Reverend Fernand Cheri’s ordination
We are providing a link from you tube to the entire ordination of Bishop Fernand Cheri in New Orleans. Click for full story
Meeting Them Where They're At
As a youth minister I longed to help young men see another way. Click for full story
Now Soliciting Nominations For Participants 2015 Black Catholic Young Adult Listening Session
African American Affairs is seeking 25 Black Catholic Young Adults to help us begin to develop an approaches to effectively evangelize and cultivate leadership. Click for full story
Domestic Violence and Abuse
There are many signs of an abusive relationship. The most telling sign is fear of your partner. Click for full story
Empty Shell Marriages
Sociology textbooks define Empty Shell Marriages as: A marriage in name only, where a couple continues to live under the same roof but as separate individuals. Click for full story
Must See Sermon
In this Young Adult Service, the Rev. Dr. Howard-John Wesley, a Baptist minister from Alexandria, Virginia, challenges the young and young at heart to explore their trust in God by showing how God reveals himself. Click for full story
Sunday Prayer for Teens 2014-2015
Sunday Prayer for Teens provides a great way to support a teenager’s prayer life throughout the year in a cost-effective manner. Click for full story
Dying to Self
What does it look like to be crucified with Christ? What does it mean that “I no longer live?” How do I deny myself? Click for full story
Shining her Light: Proud Young Women, Black & Yes, Catholic!
In honor of Black Catholic History Month, 13 year old Vanessa was asked by her churches BCHM Committee to share with her Parish what it means to her to be Black and Catholic. Click for full story
Vocation, a Journey to Conversion
A reflection written by Fr. Davis when he was a deacon. He was ordained to the priesthood June 2013 in New York. Click link for full story
Online Resources for Teens:
Check out the these resources for teens concerning alcohol, sex, living a pure life and more Click link for full story
Examination of Conscience
Every day we must examine our reflections and take account for the mark we have left on the world. Click link for full story
The Time has Come
On June 1, 2013, seven young men of the Josephite Fathers and Brothers religious community were ordained to the priesthood at the National Shrine of the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC in what was both a festive and holy occasion. Click link for full story
The National Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC) 2013
From November 21st through November 23rd, the young Catholic church of the United States will gather in Indianapolis, Indiana to play, pray, and praise as only they know how at the National Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC). Click link for full story
The Road to Youth Ministry: Discerning God’s Call
Ministry discernment begins with a call received at baptism. This call comes from God to every baptized Christian. Some folks would like to think that God dialed the wrong number and couldn’t possibly be calling them. They are wrong. God calls all of us to mission and ministry. Click link for full story
Is Waiting Worth It?
The boundary for sex is marriage. God instructs us to wait to express our physical sexuality with another human being. He knows the power of it and knows that the best place for it to be expressed is inside of marriage. When sex happens inside of marriage it acts as a bond that keeps two people together, for life. Click link for full story
My Reflections on the National Black Catholic Congress XI
I have attended Congresses in the past as a youth. But now as a young adult, I believe I learned more from the experience. Perhaps now, as I am developing my own relationship with God, I was able to comprehend the various topics discussed in a deeper manner. Click link for full story
Reflections on Keeping Young Adults in the Catholic Church
I see the kids and teens in my own church and while they may not be on fire with their faith yet, I see that spark that will soon ignite and want so much for them to keep that spark ignited. I want them to join their church committees, be a true member. I want them to stay with their faith and profess to the world that yes we are black, we are Catholic and we are just as on fire with our faith as other Christians. Click link for full story
Words from YOUTH that attended the NBCC (National Black Catholic Congress)
Reflections from YOUTH that attended the NBCC (National Black Catholic Congress) with pictures. Click link for full story
The Princess Within: 3 Steps to Realizing Your True Identity
The attack on our feminine souls can be strong and relentless. The war on our identity can seem like a never-ending nightmare. Where can you turn to find relief? Where can you go to find the answers to who you really are? How can you begin to realize that you are beautiful and perfect, a true princess? Click link for full story
The Teen Brain: Still Under Construction
The more we learn, the better we may be able to understand the abilities and vulnerabilities of teens, and the significance of this stage for life-long mental health. Click link for full story

The Future is Bright in the Knights of Peter Claver!The Emerging Leaders of the Knights of Peter Claver, Knights of Peter Claver Ladies Auxiliary is comprised of vibrant, ambitious leaders from the ages 18 to 35. The Emerging Leaders was a national initiative established by Past Supreme Knight A. Jackie Ellie and Past Supreme Lady Leodia Gooch as a means to increase the knowledge, recognition, participation, and understanding of young adult Clavers.

Since its conception, this committee has been adopted in all six regional districts of the Order. Additionally, because of this initiative, Claver involvement in leadership, community outreach, and ministries has increased, immensely. The Emerging Leaders strive to be stewards in their respective churches and communities as they develop their own leadership and Catechetical knowledge through retreats, seminars, conferences, and conventions.

Brother E. Desmond Taylor of Houston, Texas and Lady Anngelica Barrow of Little Rock, Arkansas chair the National Committee on Emerging Leaders. They are advised by Most Worthy Supreme Knight, F. DeKarlos Blackmon and National Lay Board Member Candace Proctor. The liaisons of the respective districts are as listed: Brother James Davis (Central), Brother Amon Robinson and Lady Esohe Asemota (Gulf Coast), Brother Cursey Calais and Lady Arletta Chambers (Louisiana), Brother Nolan Proctor and Lady Paige Watkins (Northern), Brother Cortney Pichon and Lady Ashley Pellerin (Texas), Brother Jordan Singleton and Lady Jessica Mays (Western).

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Over the course of the past two years, the Emerging Leaders have planned a service-filled agenda for Clavers to actively engage in their respective churches and communities. For example, at the 2015 National Convention held in Kansas City, Kansas the committee was fortunate to present and adopt several new national programs: Adopt a School: Anti-Bullying Campaign which focuses on committing Clavers to assisting schools with anti-bullying campaigns-addressing harassment against students in school, including discrimination based on race, color, weight, national origin, ethnic group, religion, disability, or gender; National Emerging Leaders’ Service Award-an award established to honor a deserving knight and lady who is over the age of 35 and has shown exemplary service to the Church, community, youth, and our Noble Order as well as support the initiatives and programs of the National Emerging Leaders Committee in their subordinate council or court and district/state; Knights of Peter Claver Founders’ Day, National Day of Service-a day to honor the exemplary work of our founders, while participating in a service project in our churches, communities, and/or partnering organizations. During the 2015 Founders’ Day commemoration, the Order had an overwhelming amount of units participate in the National Day of Service.

In addition to launching several new programs within the national organization, the Emerging Leaders have also committed themselves to mentoring and working with the junior divisions. At the 2015 Biennial Junior National Convention held in Orlando, Florida, the Emerging Leaders played an active role in partnership with the Saint Peter Claver Foundation to host a Graduation Reception for the class of 2015 and 2016 as they transitioned from high school to college/university, armed forces, trade schools, etc. The Emerging Leaders held a panel with several college graduates and current students from all across the country to discuss college life and readiness. Because of the Saint Peter Claver Foundation and several other generous donors, the Emerging Leaders were able to donate over $3,000.00 in gifts to students at the reception.

As the Knights of Peter Claver, Knights of Peter Claver Ladies Auxiliary continues to grow and strive to meet the needs of the churches and communities it serves, the Emerging Leaders continue to lead efforts as young Clavers to sustain the momentum and leadership of the Noble Order.


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