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Featured Article: Series On Worshipping During Holy Mass - Part 1 - What is the most important invitation that we can receive in our lives? This article is the first of a series on preparing for Holy Mass, participating in its celebration, and going forth to praise God in our communities. Our desire for the Eucharist moves us to make Christ-life choices in thought, speech, and action during the week. Consider that the most important invitation is offered to us each time that our Lord Jesus Christ invites us into sacramental Communion with Him. Read Full Story

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 Xavier University of Louisiana to present ‘Black Lives Matter’ conference
 20th Anniversary Million Man March demands ‘justice or else’
 The Racial Divide in the US Revisited: An Interview with Bishop Edward K. Braxton
 Synod Diary: A Rose Is a Rose Is a Rose, Except When It Is Not
 Somerville Siblings Find Family Calling as Catholic Deacons
 Blacks and Catholicism: Itís not an oxymoron
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Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, Dec. 8, 2015 - Nov. 20, 2016

How will the Year of Mercy look in your parish? One Hearing about the Year of Mercy a few weeks back got my really excited…. Yes I’m easily excited when it comes to mission, but seriously what a tremendous gift to any wanna be evangeliser! It got me thinking what would this look like in a parish? How can we respond? How can we be more effective instruments of his mercy in our town? It really is an incredible opportunity for parishes everywhere to open wide the doors and welcome home the lost. Full Article

Xavier University of Louisiana to present ‘Black Lives Matter’ conference

Exploring the Issues of Race, Violence & Poverty - Melinda Shelton, Mid-City & More columnist in New Orleans, Louisiana, presented an article highlighting the ‘Black Lives Matter’ conference hosted by the prestigious Xavier University. She states that Rev. Maurice Nutt, director of Xavier University of Louisiana’s Institute of Black Catholic Studies, "intends to take Xavier and the institute ‘front and center’ in the fight for racial and economic justice across America" Full Article

20th Anniversary Million Man March demands ‘justice or else’

Saturday, October 10, 2015 marked the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March on Washington, DC. This year’s march, organized by Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam leader, brought men and women together with a message of “institutional reform in social justice issues affecting the black community” according to CNN reporters Emanuella Grinberg and Ralph Ellis. Full Article

The Racial Divide in the US Revisited: An Interview with Bishop Edward K. Braxton

BELLEVILLE, IL - Bishop Edward K. Braxton, one of ten African-American Catholic Bishops, discusses his concerns about the issue of race relations in the United States today. This interview with the National Catholic Register presents Braxton’s view of how to shed "light on how Catholics can work together to bridge the divide." Full Article

Synod Diary: A Rose Is a Rose Is a Rose, Except When It Is Not

There has been much praise from Synod fathers, apparently, for the exhortation to "go to the peripheries". The apostles and disciples went out, they did not remain content and comfortable in Jerusalem; they took the Church to the ends of the earth. Another theme: the Church must recall that she is a Mother, and a mother would never turn her child away from the table. Prelates remind us of a duty to be Good Samaritans, caring for those who are "not like us." The Samaritan was willing to be inconvenienced to aid a broken man cast onto the side of the road. Full Article

Somerville Siblings Find Family Calling as Catholic Deacons

The three siblings have worked in several capacities during their combined 79 years in service. John helped establish a pregnancy center, served Catholic Charities in the medical field, feeding and clothing the poor, and housing the homeless. He has also assisted in marriage counseling, youth retreats and worked closely with the Archdiocese of Washington. Full Article

Blacks and Catholicism: It’s not an oxymoron

We’re here and we represent - despite our rather complicated history with the church. My own family’s association with Catholicism began when my dad was a kid growing up in Jim Crow North Carolina. Full Article

12 year old black boy ‘suspended for staring at white girl’

A 12-year-old black boy has been suspended from school for "staring" at a white girl, a decision upheld by a court in the American state of Ohio, according to reports. Full Article

America’s most famous Black Catholic priest, Augustus Tolton

The path to Black priesthood in the United States started with a former slave named Augustus Tolton. He was born in Missouri in 1854 to Peter Paul Tolton and his wife Martha Jane Chisley and was raised as a Catholic. During the Civil War, his father escaped from the plantation and joined the Union Army. At some point, his mother was also able to escape with all her children. His mother was able to meet with a column of Union soldiers who allowed her to cross the Mississippi River into the free state of Illinois. The family settled in Quincy, Illinois and was befriended by a Catholic priest who gave Augustine the opportunity for a Catholic school education. Full Article

Cardinal Sarah: ISIS and Gender Ideology Are Like ‘Apocalyptic Beasts’

Full text of synod intervention reveals the cardinal spoke of need to proclaim beauty of monogamy and family and called for more respect and transparency among synod fathers.

In his synod intervention given last week, Cardinal Robert Sarah said the idolatry of Western freedom and Islamic fundamentalism are "almost like two apocalyptic beasts" and similar to Nazism and Communism. The Guinean cardinal also called on the Church to proclaim the "transforming power of faith and the Gospel" clearly and without fear. Full Article

A Look at Junipero Serra, the Church’s Newest Saint

In light of the recent Mass of Canonization of Fr. Junipero Serra at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC, this video gives a short history of the life of Serra and why he has been elevated to sainthood.

Pope Francis referred to Serra as "a founding father of the United States." Fr. Junipero Serra is credited with opening nine missions in California, some growing into cities such as San Francisco and San Diego. Although Robert Senkewicz points out that there are detractors from the indigenous community who protest that fact that Serra advanced Spanish colonization, in the video both he and Bishop Mario Dorsonville address how Serra, like other saints, are not divine; "they are people who live the best life they can" wherever they find themselves. Watch Video

Dozens of new grads join the ranks of Kenya’s Catholic nurses

Bishop Mbatia recently gave an address to the graduating class of St. Luke’s Registered Community Health Nursing School. 54 new nurses have joined the healthcare facilities in Kenya. Full Article

Career Opportunity: Assistant or Associate Professor, Pastoral Theology, Emphasis in Black Catholic Theology

The Institute of Pastoral Studies at Loyola University Chicago invites applications for a tenure track position at the assistant or associate level in Pastoral Theology, with an emphasis in Black Catholic Theology, beginning August 2016. Full Article

USCCB Committee Chair and CCUSA President Welcome Bi-Partisan Leadership On Criminal Justice Bill

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is encouraged by the introduction of a bi-partisan Criminal Justice Bill. This bill will increase prison-based programs available to inmates aimed at lowering recidivism and will impact certain mandatory sentencing terms - just two of the reforms addressed in this timely bill. This comes just days after the Pope’s visit and his admonition to address the needs of inmates and their families through new opportunities. Full Article

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